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A step-by-step guide to installing the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package

This step-by-step guide will take you through installing the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package.  In our example we'll be installing the package on a Pentium 4 system running Fedora Core 6 Linux.  Because we've got a binary package for this on our downloads section, we'll go through installing from source and from the binary installation package.  Although the details might differ slightly for different platforms, these differences will be minor to trivial.


In the following pages, commands you need to type will be shown in colored type.  Commands to be executed in a normal user account will be colored green and prefaced with a standard bash shell prompt:

$ make


Commands requiring root access will be colored red and prefaced with a "hash" root account prompt:

# make install


Output returned from the commands you type will be displayed in plain black like this:

Compiling "test":
gcc -c test.c -o test.o
gcc -o test test.o
Installing "test":
cp test /usr/local/bin/test