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Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package Updated

Announcing BBHP Release 20.1

Today we've posted a new release of the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package, Release 20.1.

This release incorporates a number of bug fixes and users are encouraged to upgrade to this new release.   64-bit support has also been improved, and now BBHP 20.1 can be compiled with either g77 or gfortran (gfotran 4.3 or higher required).  Compiler selection is handled automatically at build time.

At the moment we're distributing the packages in source code form, as well as pre-built binaries for CentOS 5.4, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  Other binary distributions may become available so check back if the one you're looking for isn't listed.

We've also updated the BBHP test suite to match the contents of the Burnham-Brandeis Walk-Through (the previous test suite used slightly different input files).


An updated version of the Helical Straightening plugin for Tkir called tksraighten.tcl has also been released.  If you wish to use this newest version of the plugin, note that the new release 20.1of the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package is required.  This new release (0.3-alpha) fixes a number of problems with artifacts when straightening certain filaments, and also now supports much longer filaments.


Enough already - take me to the downloads page!