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Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package

Brandeis LogoThe Brandeis Helical Package [Owen, C.H., Morgan, G. and DeRosier, D.J., JSB 1996 ] has been in use in one form or another for quite some time.  Originally developed for VAX/VMS it has been modified, expanded, and ported several times.   We first ported the package to Linux in 2006, using the Portland Group compilers.  Subsequently we rewrote portions of the fortran code which were not supported by GNU fortran (g77) and now the package compiles and runs with gcc/g77.

This has allowed us to support extra modern platforms.  The newly-christened Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package will now run on 32-bit Linux, 64-bit Linux, Mac OS X (Intel) and even Windows XP running Cygwin!!

At the same time, when porting to Linux, we took the opportunity to replace the main GUI  portions of the package with updated programs.  We had spent some time modifying the Tcl/Tk-based GUI programs Tkir (image viewer) and Tkll (layerline viewer) from SUPRIM to support a plugin architecture, where we could write new plugins to add functionality without further modifications to the core code-base.   The first, tkinterp, provides an interface in Tkir for selecting layerlines, replacing the old interp program.  The second, brandeisll, is a Tkll plugin to provide support for displaying the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package "interp" layerline and bessel-function format.




tkinterp Screenshot

brandeisll Screenshot


We are very pleased to announce that the latest official release (release 20.2) of the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package is now available for download!  We've also included as part of the package, the AVID software for analyzing the variance within the helix.  Also, the two Tkir plugins (tkinterp and brandeisll) we refer to here are also included.  You can either download the source code, or one or more of the pre-compiled binary packages. 


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