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Suprim Add-ons

Suprim LogoWe have been working on modifications to tkImgDip and SUPRIM (both hosted by the Automated Molecular Imaging group at Scripps) especially the Tcl/Tk-based GUI programs Tkir (image viewer) and Tkll (layerline viewer).   We've found that these GUI programs have potential to be expanded for other uses, but rather than rely on very frequent changes to the stable code base, we instead added support for a plugin system, where we could write new plugins to add functionality without further modifications to the core code-base.  We also added native support for additional formats used by the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package.  These modifications have been merged back into the main branch of the software hosted at the AMI, currently libtkImgDip 1.7.4 and SUPRIM 5.7 and are available for download from the AMI site right now.


Tkir/Tkll pluginsWe've developed two plugins for the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package, (tkinterp and brandeisll) and two independent plugins, tkfilter for tomogram filtering and tkstraighten for boxing and straightening helical filaments (the latter does however require the Burnham-Brandeis Helical Package in order to run).  In all four of these plugins, extra functionality is all provided by the plugin code (tcl scripts and in some cases a shared library loadable by the wish interpreter), and the core programs don't contain anything specific to these functions, other than supporting a plugin architecture.